There are no jobs too big or too small. We work on all types of garments & items. We do discounts for larger orders. We do not charge small order fees.

Once contacted, we usually can get a price quote within a day or so once you have given all the complete information. Once pricing is agreed upon, we can begin working on the setup, and the processing time is dependent upon the size and complexity of the job.

We worked in this business for 20+ years before opening our own business.

We worked for & managed two businesses that did this type of work before starting my own business.

We have worked anywhere from individuals, small & large established businesses, schools, etc. to new and upcoming small businesses getting started.

We work with an Army Base doing kitchen towel set for the Boutique. They are always coming up with new ideas for their towel sets and we love making suggestions to help make a more marketable item.

Make sure to work with someone who can produce the items that you want, not what they are capable of doing. Don't settle for an item, get what you are looking for to make your event or company represented the way you anticipated.

When do you need it? What garments are we looking for? What is my budget? What are we looking for my customized item to look like? Do we have my logo or customization available? Is my customization file in the correct format for the machinery that is needed? Are we set on what I am looking for or Am I willing to accept another idea?

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